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'Gray divorce' on the rise

A growing number of people in Texas and across the country is choosing to divorce later in life. While divorce rates have become stable for Americans in general, including younger people, they have continued to rise for older couples. For example, since 1990, the divorce rates have doubled for people age 50 and older, and the same rates have tripled for people age 65 and older. The phenomenon has become so well known that it has been called the "gray divorce revolution," reflecting the growing frequency of people getting divorced at a later age.

There are many factors that may contribute to the growing divorce rate, including family members' own divorce decisions. Women who have divorced parents are 60 percent likelier to divorce themselves, and men with divorced parents are 35 percent more apt to do the same. However, there are other factors that are involved as well. Couples on their second or third marriages are 2.5 times more likely to decide to split than those who are still in their first marriages. Furthermore, individuals who have been married for a shorter period of time are more inclined to end their marriages than those who have remained together for decades.

9 accused of drug distribution conspiracy, money laundering

On September 7, an unsealed two-count federal grand jury indictment charged nine Texas men with conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute cocaine and conspiracy to carry out money-laundering crimes. The accused individuals ranged in age from 28 to 46 years old.

The men allegedly distributed a large amount of cocaine beginning in January 2015. They were accused of distributing a large amount of the drug in San Antonio's East Side. Several law enforcement agencies were investigating the case, including the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, Texas Department of Public Safety, San Antonio Police Department and Drug Enforcement Administration.

Criminal Defense for Misdemeanor Charges

While misdemeanor crimes are considered less severe crimes, they require special attention and should still be taken seriously. This can include crimes such as vandalism, public intoxication, shoplifting, trespassing and so on. These crimes are further divided into different classes. If you or a loved one has been charged with misdemeanor charges in El Paso the last thing you want to do is face the judicial system on your own. You may think that it isn't a big deal. Perhaps you think you can handle it on your own. However, these crimes can still include jail time as consequences. Enlisting the help of an attorney is a great way to get the favorable outcome you are looking for. While this may not be guaranteed, you can increase your chances drastically with a lawyer by your side.

Wedding dates with special meaning may not be so lucky

It's not unusual for soon-to-be-spouses to opt for a summer wedding, or one that will take place during the holidays when more family members and friends are likely to be available. And some couples in Texas prefer to make their upcoming marriage even more special by choosing a specific date with a significant meaning. However, results from a recent study suggest "special meaning" dates may not lead to the long-term happily ever after most couples have in mind when tying the knot.

After analyzing a million married couples, researchers discovered that one special day, in particular, is the worst date for a wedding - February 14th. Nearly 12 percent of the couples studied who were married on what's often referred to as the most romantic day of the year ended up getting a divorce within five years of saying, "I Do." The number of couples married on Valentine's Day that got divorced nearly doubled after almost ten years.

Why a family care plan may be important in a military divorce

When you are trying to balance family life with your duties in the U.S. military, things can get quite challenging at times. Especially if your unit deploys, you may rely heavily on your family care plan to ensure that your children are being well-cared for while you're away. Certain issues can make military life more challenging than others.

For instance, if you or your spouse files for divorce, it will not only impact your children's daily lives but may necessitate changes in your family care plan as well. The good news is that you can incorporate many important divorce-related issues into your plan.

Insurance company studies Texas drunk driving statistics

Texas was the scene of thousands of drunk driving accidents in 2016 according to data from the state's Department of Transportation, which is a concern for lawmakers, police departments, and road safety advocates. Researchers from the auto insurance company ValuePenguin decided to take a closer look at these statistics, and they found that some Texas cities and counties were far safer than others. They came to this conclusion after comparing the number of drunk driving fatalities in each county with overall population figures.

The difference was most noticeable in large cities with populations of more than 50,000. Midland emerged as the deadliest part of Texas for drunk driving accidents with 5.7 DUI deaths for every 100,000 residents. This figure was 41 percent higher than the death toll in either Houston or San Antonio. Odessa had the second highest DUI death toll with 5.34 drunk driving fatalities per 100,000 residents.

Contact a Lawyer for Wrongful Termination

Losing your job can be very stressful, but being forced out of your job is an illegal act. If you have been forced to leave your job, or fired without proper notice, then you may have a case for wrongful termination. In order to make such a claim, you need an experienced lawyer by your side. Rosales Law Firm has helped El Paso residents get what they deserve in court for years. We can help you get the justice you deserve too.

Establishing child support

Texas parents should be aware that it is necessary to establish both the maternity and paternity of a child before a child support arrangement can be established. The act of giving birth is enough to establish a woman as the mother of a child. However, there are multiple ways paternity can be established.

If the parents are married when the child is born, the husband is presumed to be the father of the child. In situations in which the parents are not married, the paternity of the child will have to be established by the completion of a form in which both parents acknowledge the child's paternity.

Billionaire co-founder of Broadcom facing drug charges

Texans may be interested in learning that Henry Nicholas, the co-founder of chip maker Broadcom, has been arrested and charged with drug trafficking in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nicholas was reportedly arrested on Aug. 9 by officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

According to law enforcement officers, security personnel at the Encore Hotel called the police to report that Nicholas had contraband in his room. Upon searching his hotel room, officers reportedly found ecstasy, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine. Nicholas and a female companion were taken into custody and charged with drug trafficking.

Property division in gray divorce cases

Divorce cases in Texas and around the country involving older couples are often quite amicable as potentially contentious issues like child custody and support are rarely a factor. Spouses who are 50 years of age or older sometimes seek quick divorces because they have grown tired of one another, but the desire to move on with their lives as rapidly as possible can sometimes leave them unprepared for hastily arranged property division discussions.

This can be a costly mistake as the matters discussed during these negotiations can be crucially important to spouses approaching their retirement years, and these situations are becoming more common as the data reveals that the divorce rate among older Americans has more than doubled since the 1990s. Most experts suggest that older couples spend more and not less time preparing for property division talks as their marital estates are likely to be complex and involve multiple retirement accounts as well as real estate holdings and other complex assets.

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