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An Attorney Can Help With False Accusations of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence doesn't always take place between two spouses. The law defines domestic violence as disputes between any family members or two people in a relationship. Whatever the case may be, the common misconceptions happen all too often. Many times people shake their heads and ask, why didn't she/he just leave? The truth of the matter is, when violence in the home or relationship takes place the abuser is often not mentally stable, is manipulative, or both. Getting up and leaving, if not done with the proper planning and help, can make the situation much more dangerous, if not deadly. However, often times domestic violence charges can be handed out inaccurately, which can lead to a whole host of problems for the accused.

Suggestions for negotiations in a divorce

El Paso couples who are getting a divorce might want to consider negotiating their settlement instead of going to court and having a judge decide. People can take steps to prepare that include organizing finances and understanding the legal situation. An attorney can be of assistance in the latter area.

Organizing finances is an important element in preparation. This can help people anticipate whether they might need to pay or ask for child or spousal support and how much that might be. The information may also help an attorney assess what might be the outcome if a judge were making these decisions.

Man faces multiple charges in drug case

According to Texas police, a traffic stop resulted in the discovery of several illegal substances in the vehicle of a 25-year-old man. The traffic stop occurred because police observed the vehicle being driven in an erratic manner. Authorities say that they found promethazine and Xanax pills when they searched the vehicle, and marijuana was in plain sight when police made contact with the driver.

It is estimated that the promethazine was worth $15,000 and that it was to be used to make a drink referred to as "lean" or "purple drank". To create the drink, elements of cough syrup such as codeine are mixed with candy or soda. The man was charged with multiple counts of manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance in addition to multiple counts of being in possession of marijuana.

Underage drinking and driving can compromise your future

Young people sometimes act recklessly, making decisions that could lead to legal trouble and other consequences. One of these mistakes could include drinking and driving. While underage drinking and driving is a mistake and a crime, it is not a decision that has to define the rest of your life.

If you are under the age of 21 and facing drunk driving charges, there are serious criminal penalties at risk. However, you have the right to defend yourself and to fight the charges against you. With help and experienced guidance, it is possible to shield yourself from potential negative consequences and protect your future interests.

Steps in planning for a divorce

At the start of the new year or after summer vacation, some people in Texas might make a decision to divorce. This is a common time for divorce attorneys to hear from people about this decision. There are several things people can do in preparation even if they have not yet made up their minds.

It is necessary to have financial records in order during the divorce, so people can gather bank statements, tax returns and other documents. People should avoid airing their personal issues on social media. If they do not wish to leave social media altogether, they should only post light updates unrelated to the divorce since any information disclosed there about issues including children and money might be used during the proceedings.

Texas county starts diversion class for marijuana offenders

Although Texas is not among the states that have legalized marijuana, the Travis County Commissioners Court has recognized the need to limit jail penalties for low-risk marijuana offenders. All members of the court approved the creation of a drug diversion class for people charged with possessing no more than 2 ounces of marijuana.

The four-hour class would present an alternative to jailing people and imposing a criminal conviction that would limit their chances at future employment. One county judge said that the program would allow law enforcement and prosecutors to apply their attention to more serious matters. She wanted jail space to be used for people who actually posed a danger to the community.

How parents can recognize and address parental alienation

Most divorced parents in Texas will not initially think anything is amiss if the other parent wants to rearrange a custody visit. The ex might say that the child needs to study or is sick. In extreme cases, however, this may escalate to a point where visitation is never handled easily. Even worse, the child may become confrontational and repeat criticisms made by the other parent.

This is known as parental alienation, and it involves one parent turning a child against the other. Parents can be alert to other signs of parental alienation as well. A child's behavior may gradually shift. There could even be bouts of explosive rage, or the child may appear entitled about gifts from the targeted parent. The parent might also be taken off contact lists and no longer asked to come to school meetings.

Man facing drug charges following traffic stop

On Dec. 6, Texas authorities reported that hundreds of doses of heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana were recovered following a traffic stop. Austin police said that they conducted a traffic stop on a 24-year-old man after he was supposedly observed driving recklessly across three lanes of traffic.

According to the report, the officer who pulled the man over became suspicious when he noted that the man had two phones. After the man reportedly denied the request to have his vehicle searched, the officer requested a K9 unit. Once the K9 unit was on the scene, authorities claim to have been alerted to the possibility that there could be drugs somewhere in the vehicle. Authorities then conducted a search of the vehicle.

Don't hold your breath waiting for accurate Breathalyzer results

As you drove home from your monthly night out with friends at your favorite local Texas restaurant, you never dreamed you'd wind up facing drunk driving charges in court. After all, you're a cautious, responsible driver and you only had a small glass of wine before dinner. You really didn't have any hesitation when it came to getting behind the wheel because you were highly confident your blood alcohol content level was well within the legal driving limit.

In fact, you ate a rather large meal and had several cups of coffee, as well as water with lemon as you sat and relaxed for several hours following your supper, enjoying the companionship and conversation of your friends. The last thing you were worried about was getting pulled over by police, but it happened, and the next thing you knew, you were taking a Breathalyzer test.

Assembling a supportive team during divorce

Assembling the right professional and personal team can be important for people in Texas who are going through a divorce. This team might include friends and family as well as a therapist who specializes in divorce. While these people may be able to help with the emotional side of the divorce, the spouse might also need some practical advice. That's where a financial adviser who has matrimonial experience comes in.

These professionals may help at a number of stages. First, the client will need to organize financial records. Next, they might need to consider various options for property division. Later, the advisor could help put together a financial plan after the divorce.

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