Expungement/Sealing Of Records

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Having a criminal record can seriously impact your opportunities in many areas of your life. Prospective employers, landlords and lenders are all likely to do a background check on you prior to entering into any type of formal relationship with you. Even if you have never been convicted of a crime, the record of your arrest and all of the details may still be available.

Under Texas law, there is a way for you to have certain criminal records sealed or completely removed from the system so that they are no longer visible on your background check. It is done through a process called "expunction" and requires an order from the court. Expunction and record sealing cases can be very complex matters and should be handled by an experienced lawyer.

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At the Rosales Law Firm, we have helped many clients with a wide variety of expunction and record sealing issues. We have combined experience of more than 25 years practicing law in El Paso and we understand how to pursue results in these complicated matters. We will explore every legal option available in an effort to obtain the most favorable outcome in your case.

It is important to remember that not all offenses are eligible for expunction. Your attorney will take the time to help you understand the law regarding your case and give you an honest assessment of your chances for an expungement. We will attempt to build the strongest possible argument to support your position and work diligently to clean up your criminal record to the fullest extent we can.

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