If you got married a while ago and have been married for some time, the idea that you need something similar to a prenuptial agreement may seem strange at first. However, there are actually many reasons for couples to consider creating a postnuptial agreement.

Like prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements are practical and protective documents that can benefit both spouses in the future. People enter into them for a number of reasons.

Postnuptial agreements are great for unexpected success or job changes

Maybe you went back to school and now instead of working as an employed accountant, you want to start your own professional practice. Perhaps you want to use some of your income to start a company and want to make sure that your spouse and your marital assets have protection if the business fails.

When you have changes to your career path or plans to start a company, a postnuptial agreement can protect both spouses and possibly earmark income and resources from that business as separate property.

Many couples turn to marital agreements to save their marriages

After decades of marriage, issues ranging from an unwillingness to do household chores to infidelity can impact your happiness and willingness to stay in the relationship. If you think that a divorce is possible in the future, using a postnuptial agreement to decide how to handle that divorce if it were to happen is wise.

You can avoid the conflict and stress involved in a contested divorce and lower the cost of splitting up. Additionally, a postnuptial agreement can give you certain protections from the bad behaviors of your spouse by financially penalizing them for wasting your money on gambling or an affair.

A postnuptial agreement can be useful for those considering divorce, as well as those who plan to stay in their marriage for the long haul. Getting the right help in creating the document can ensure that it gives you the protection your circumstances demand.