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Preparing for a Divorce: Tips to Help You Stay Safe and Focused


Right now it may seem like a huge cloud is hanging over your head. The mere thought of filing for divorce may result in sleepless nights, panic attacks during the day, and avoiding day-to-day responsibilities. It's a daunting step and yet, roughly half of marriages end in divorce. In fact, 100 divorces take place every hour in the U.S.

While you are certainly not alone, the feelings are overwhelming. Whether it was your spouse who initiated the conversation or you're in a harmful marriage that you need to end, taking steps to plan for your future is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Preparing for divorce may seem onerous but it will provide you with a solid foundation for the future. Here are ways you can prepare:

1. Gather Evidence

Documentation is leverage when it comes to providing proof of your assets including the ones shared between you and your spouse. Not all divorces are messy but with emotions running high, you can never be certain what measures someone will take in hopes of getting what they want. It's also a good idea to inform your bank, credit card company, and financial advisor of your divorce so that in the event your spouse is attempting to remove you from the account, they will know how to respond. Understanding your rights in these situations is also important.

2. Explore Your Finances

The aftermath of a divorce can be disastrous on your finances if you allow it. If you've been financially dependent on your spouse, you'll want to plan for how to earn money going forward. Even if it means starting from the beginning such as going back to school or working an entry-level job. Knowing you'll be able to support yourself is important. Keep in mind, you may be awarded spousal support (alimony) based on several factors including the length of the marriage, your age, physical condition, financial situation, and standard of living during the marriage.

3. Think of Your Children

When children are involved in a divorce, custody and child support will be an issue. It's important to anticipate a plan for co-parenting, whether your child is an infant or about to start high school. Children need a routine. Even if it may be impossible to imagine being in the same room as your spouse right now, consider how it will affect your child and think of ways to make the relationship amicable for the sake of your children.

4. Craft an Exit Plan

Transitioning into the next chapter of your life may come with challenges. You'll want to plan for what this new life will look like. If it involves relocating to a new city or temporarily moving in with your parents, shelter is often the first item you'll want to secure. The timing of your exit should also be considered, especially if there are children involved. It may be easier for your child to adjust during the summer vacation when he or she is able to spend more time with you and your ex-spouse. Also, if your child will be attending a new school, starting at the beginning of a new school year can make the transition easier.

5. Talk to the Right Advisors

Discussing your divorce with the right advisors can be extremely helpful for your mental health. Arm yourself with a support team who you completely trust and who will hear you out without giving too much of their own opinion. If you know someone who has gone through a divorce, it may be helpful to listen to their experience. You may also want to see a therapist who will be able to offer objective advice and assist you with viewing your situation from a logical perspective.

6. Seek Legal Advice - The Rosales Law Firm is Here to Help

Filing for divorce can be an easier process when you work with the right attorneys. At the Rosales Law Firm, we provide individuals with the best legal advice so that the future doesn't have to be confusing or uncertain. Most importantly, we focus on ensuring that the long-term implications of your divorce are thoroughly addressed.

Whether you are in the initial stages of exploring divorce or have made a clear decision that that is the route you need to go, our law firm is here to guide your case. Simply give us a call at 915-542-0884 and we will get started on the process. 

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