Any type of criminal charge could have significant and lasting effects on a person’s life. However, in some cases, charges could be more severe than others. For instance, you may initially think that the DUI charge brought against you is of the standard variety, only to learn that you actually face an enhanced charge.

An enhanced DUI charge, also known as aggravated DUI, can mean that you will face more serious consequences if a court convicts you of the allegation. You may wonder what aspects of your traffic stop caused the officer to believe that an aggravated DUI charge suited your case, and in order to handle your situation to the best of your ability, it may be wise to obtain an answer to that question.

What constitutes aggravated DUI?

Aggravated DUI laws differ from Texas to other states, so it is important that you know how state laws will apply to your predicament. In general, the following factors commonly give way to aggravated DUI charges:

  • If you already have multiple DUI convictions on your record, it is likely for an enhanced charge to result for a subsequent violation.
  • If authorities find that your blood alcohol concentration level has exceeded the legal limit by two times or higher, you could face an aggravated charge.
  • If you have a suspended or revoked license at the time of the DUI stop, your situation could garner a more serious criminal charge.
  • If you have minors in your vehicle at the time of the suspected violation, that factor could result in enhanced allegations.
  • If your speed exceeded the limit by a substantial amount, that detail could also affect the severity of the charges you face.

Though you should take any type of DUI charge seriously, an aggravated charge needs your full and careful attention. You certainly do not want to think that this situation will resolve itself, and putting in the effort to address your case in a meaningful way could help your situation overall.

Creating your defense

When working on your criminal defense, having as much information about your traffic stop and subsequent arrest could greatly help you. It can also prove useful to explore your available defense options to determine what course of action may help you work toward the best possible outcomes for your case. It is important to remember that your case differs from anyone else’s, and the decisions made by others in similar scenarios may not reflect what is best for your predicament.