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Withholding visitation could end up punishing the child

It can be difficult when one parent doesn't make child support payments on time. If there's enough anger and resentment, then the custodial parent could feel like withholding visitation from the late payor. However, this decision might put the custodial parent in a negative light if the exes go to a Texas court about the child support payments or visitation in the future.

The issues of paying child support and setting a schedule for visitation are often seen as two different components regarding parenting. Child support isn't considered a pass to see a child. Children should be able to visit with both parents whether child support is paid or not. It wouldn't make sense for the kid to be punished because of the parent's actions. However, both parents should financially support the child in the relationship. Even if the noncustodial parent decides not to seek a relationship with the child, it doesn't mean that they can get by without providing financial support.

If there are concerns about the safety of the child when with the noncustodial parent during a visitation, then these concerns should be addressed in the proper legal manner instead of simply withholding visitation. When child support payments are not made on time, then the custodial parent could contact the attorney or the social worker handling the case to file a claim. Keeping the child from the other parent because of a missed payment or two usually isn't in the best interest for the child as long as there is a safe environment.

In the event that child support is not being paid, parents can contact a family law attorney to discuss the options that are available. The parent can keep information recorded in a journal about what takes place during the visits and when child support payments are made before giving the details to the attorney.

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