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Seek a Qualified Attorney for a Probation Violation Hearing

Breaking the terms of your probation can cause dire consequences. Depending on the probation violation, you could end up with jail time, prison time, fines, extended probation or more. Seeking the counsel and representation of a lawyer may help you when you have to appear in court. There are a number of ways a qualified attorney can help your situation. The last thing you want to do is appear in court alone.

Probation Violations

Probation violations happen when you break the terms and conditions that were set for your probation. A lot of different circumstances can lead up to a violation. Not appearing at court for scheduled appearances, not reporting to the probation officer on time or not paying fines to the victim that were ordered by the court are just a few examples. Even visiting certain places or traveling outside the state without permission can be violations. Of course, there are more serious violations that include possessing or selling drugs or committing another crime.

The Consequences

The consequences of probation violations vary from case to case. They can issue a warning if the violation was minor. The officer they decide to take more severe action like requiring you to appear in court for a hearing. A probation officer will take into account your standing and reputation with them up until that point. If you have previous violations, probation officers may no longer have the patience to handle your case lightly. In some situations, they may even decide that jail time is appropriate.

A Criminal Lawyer Can Help

Even though you may have broken probation terms and have to appear in court, you still have rights. You are entitled to receive a written notice of the charges, to be heard by a judge in court, to present evidence and to attorney representation. An attorney may be able to help you get a less impactful penalty for your violation.

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