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How to Combat Age Discrimination in the Workforce

It unfortunate that age discrimination in the workplace is a real thing. According to AARP, two out of three employees between 45 and 74 have experienced it. Job seekers over 35 say their age is the biggest obstacle to finding a job. AARP also says that tech driven industries have even higher instances of age discrimination. If you or a loved one has experienced trouble at work due to age, an employment lawyer can help you fight for your rights.

Need-to-Know Info About Age Discrimination

First and foremost, everyone should be informed that age discrimination is illegal in all stages of employment. Whether a person is applying for a position or has worked for any number of years at a job, decisions made based on age are illegal. This also includes workplace harassment. Not only that, mandatory retirement is illegal with the exception of a few industries. Contrary to popular belief, it is legal for an employer or prospective employer to ask age and graduation dates. However, you free to avoid answering. Although workers in their 50s and up may experience age discrimination more, it happens across the board to workers of all ages. According to AARP surveys, not getting the job they applied for is the most common type of discrimination that people experience due to their age. Age discrimination actually accounts for one in five discrimination charges. If you or someone you know has experienced any of these instances, an employment lawyer can help.

How We Can Help

Often times, a person may not file a complaint or turn to legal aid with help concerning age discrimination. This is because the burden of proof can be high. It can be very difficult to prove that you have been discriminated against by your workplace. However, once you turn to an employment lawyer, they'll take care of these details for you. They have the expertise and know how to get the information needed to create a firm case for you or your loved one. Not only that, they will also ensure that you understand the process for filing a lawsuit or filing a charge with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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