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Uber may not reduce crash rates in all cities

According to a study, Uber may play a role in cutting down on drunk driving deaths. However, the effect that Uber may have in reducing these numbers may not be the same in all places. Researchers used crash data from 2013 to 2016 in four cities including San Antonio, Texas. Crash data was then referenced against the availability of Uber in the cities being studied.

In all of the cities, the service had been offered and then rescinded before it was once again available to citizens. It was discovered that crashes involving alcohol were reduced by 60 percent in Portland. However, the rate of collisions caused by alcohol did not drop at all in Reno, Nevada. In some cases, there was no reduction in the crash rate even if there was a reduction in wrecks involving alcohol. Overall, there were 6.3 car accidents on American roadways in 2015, and those crashes resulted in more than 35,000 deaths and 2.4 million injuries.

They are the most common cause of death for Americans between the ages of 13 and 25. One explanation for the differences in alcohol-related crash statistics may have to do with how public transpiration is used in different cities. In cities where there are more options for public transportation, other alternatives may be used before calling for an Uber after drinking.

A person who is charged with driving while intoxicated may face a variety of penalties. For instance, it may be possible to spend time in jail or pay a fine. If there are aggravating factors, people may spend time in prison or have their license revoked permanently. An attorney may be able to create a defense such as casting doubt on the way that the sobriety tests were conducted. In other cases, a challenge could be made to the traffic stop itself.

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