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September 2017 Archives

Why divorce rates are higher for bartenders and flight crews

The likelihood of going through a dissolution of marriage is higher for Texas couples employed in the nightlife, travel, entertainment, and aviation industries. According to an extensive data research study published by, divorce rates are more prevalent across the United States for certain occupations such as bartenders, casino employees and flight attendants.

Importance of consistency for children after divorce

Divorce is hard on both parents and kids in Texas. When children are forced to adapt to living in two separate households, their lives can be made easier by parents who are willing to communicate and keep some level of consistency and predictability between each household. There are several things parents can do to make this happen.

What steps may go into a contested divorce?

For you and many other Texas residents, the inability to agree on various issues may have caused your marriage to spiral downward. Over time, you may have come to realize that the best course of action to end the constant disagreement would be to file for divorce. Though this route may allow you to escape the arguments and fighting that became synonymous with your marriage, new issues may arise during the proceedings.

Successful parenting with an uncooperative ex

Texas parents who are divorced might face a challenge of co-parenting with an uncooperative, or toxic, ex. They might ask themselves if it is possible to successfully co-parent with that type of ex-spouse. The answer to this is that there are certain things they can do to make the process of co-parenting with a toxic ex easier and smoother.

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