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August 2017 Archives

When divorce mediation sessions fail

In recent decades, family court divisions in Texas and across many other jurisdictions have adopted rules and policies that seek to lessen the caseload burden of having too many divorce proceedings on the docket. To this effect, judges often recommend mediation as an alternative to lengthy trials and uncomfortable divorce hearings.

Tackling common divorce financial challenges

Marriage offers an opportunity for Texas couples to blend their strengths, such as one partner taking on the financial planning role and the other focusing on home maintenance and child care. This benefit can prove costly in the case of a later divorce, and it traditionally ends up being women who suffer most. The partner who did not practice and improve financial skills over the years of marriage can be at a loss during property division negotiations and after the divorce.

Do per se DUI laws mean an automatic conviction?

Facing the possibility of punishment due to accusations of driving under the influence can cause anyone to feel a sense of panic. This type of situation may arise more easily than expected, and even if you do not feel impaired, police could still take you into custody depending on other circumstances of a traffic stop. If such a situation comes about, understanding certain aspects of the traffic stop could help you build a defense.

Woman found with meth after being detained

On July 31, authorities conducting a traffic stop recovered methamphetamine from a Texas woman who had outstanding warrants. The woman reportedly first told the authorities that she did not have any illegal substances on her person. As she was being booked, however, she removed a baggie containing meth from her genital area.

Texas politician arrested for intoxicated assault

If you leave El Paso on Interstate 10 East and drive straight through, you won't arrive in Tom Bean, Texas, for about 10 hours. The small town of about 1,000 outside of Dallas lists no recent news of any kind on its website, though recent developments there might prompt a change.

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