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Property crimes are seldom cut and dry cases

Property crimes affect us all and can have far reaching consequences for all those involved. Victims of crime such as home invasion, robbery or vandalism are often left with a feeling of disbelief that it has happened to them and a fear of it happening again. They have likely worked very hard to provide a home for their families and have acquired many personal possessions along the way, many of which have sentimental value and are irreplaceable. This makes it difficult to ascertain value.

It's not only the victims of the robbery that suffer; the community in which the crime took place also feels the impact of the crime. Families of the accused also suffer greatly, especially if the alleged perpetrator is wrongly accused. Unfortunately, sometimes simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time can put you on the list of suspects.

Due to the nature of property crime, prosecution can be a complex process. The upside is that prosecutors rarely bring charges unless they feel there is significant evidence to obtain a conviction. That said, they may rely solely on their professional judgment. Another contributing factor as to whether or not a charge is brought depends upon the victim of the crime.  Should they not wish to proceed with criminal charges, the case may be dropped.

Both the victims of crime and those accused of theft have rights. If you stand accused, contacting an experienced legal representative may be beneficial. A theft charge conviction is no laughing matter, and a lawyer may help reduce the risk of that becoming a reality.

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