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Domestic Violence can have serious consequences for the accused

Domestic Violence can come in the form of physical, sexual, emotional or psychological abuse of family members or romantic partners. Penalties for domestic violence charges are serious and are dependent on a number of factors. These factors can include the severity of the act, if other offenses have occurred, or whether injuries are involved. Penalties can range from probation, counseling or community service for first-time offenders to significant fines and jail time for repeat offenders.

In the state of Texas, a protective order can be put into place. While the intention of a protective order, otherwise referred to as a restraining order, is to protect from harm, it can also make life extremely difficult for those wrongly accused. Consider this: a person has a restraining order put against them that stops them from seeing their children. While this can be beneficial if there is a potential for harm, the accused parent can miss spending valuable time with their children.

A charge of domestic violence can bring with it significant fears as it will be sure to have an impact on both your personal and professional life, affecting your personal relationships and professional goals. It is important to know that you have rights and one of those rights is to have expert legal representation to defend you against these charges.

After being accused of a domestic violence charge, you will be eager and anxious to move on with your life. To ensure this happens as expediently as possible, you'll want to have the best defense available in place. When faced with a domestic violence charge, ensure an attorney protects your rights, explains how the criminal justice system works and explores all options to find the best possible outcome in your case.

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