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While violence against a spouse or intimate partner is never okay, domestic violence allegations can arise within a variety of complicated circumstances. What appears to be evidence of domestic violence under one explanation may appear to be something else by another explanation.

One red flag that needs to be watched out for in domestic violence cases is evidence that an accuser is fabricating, or at least misrepresenting his or her story. When an individual comes forward as having been subjected to domestic violence, a clear, consistent story is can certainly help establish the facts of the case as they pertain to the defendant’s guilt or innocence. When the accuser falters in his or her story, it isn’t necessarily the case that they are lying or exaggerating. In some cases, the accuser may be scared of reprisal from his or her abuser. Still, when a victim’s story is weak and his or her manner uncooperative, it is an argument for closely scrutinizing the credibility and the claims. 

Take, for example, the case of Cleveland Brown quarterback Johnny Manziel, who is currently under investigation for domestic violence in connection with an incident that occurred last month with ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley. According to law enforcement in Fort Worth, Crowley reported having been struck several times by Manziel on January 30, both at a hotel in Dallas and while travelling with Manziel to her Fort Worth apartment. Manziel has denied that he struck Crowley, while a complaint was filed last Friday.

Officers initially didn’t cite Manziel since they apparently had no evidence that a crime was committed in their jurisdiction. During an investigation, Crowley is said to have given vague answers to questions and refused to cooperate with photographing of injuries and filling out a report. It isn’t clear what evidence officers have on record at this point, but the case is certainly one which deserves closely scrutiny from an experienced defense attorney.

Those who face charges of domestic violence can always benefit from an experienced criminal defense attorney, regardless of the circumstances of their case. Although specific outcomes cannot be guaranteed in any criminal case, an experienced attorney can ensure that a defendant’s rights are protected throughout the criminal process. 

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