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January 2016 Archives

Texas coach convicted of drug charges avoids jail

When facing criminal charges, those with little experience concerning the criminal justice system likely have many questions. Fortunately, there is assistance available that can help defendants better understand their options as they deal with charges. For example, a former high school baseball coach in Texas has recently avoided jail time after he was convicted of drug charges.

Texas police: Fatal accident caused by drunk driving

It is easy for people to make assumptions. For example, it may seem easy to assume that a person who is involved in an accident while off-roading was under the influence of alcohol. However, drunk driving charges cannot be supported on the basis of assumptions alone. A Texas man is facing accusations of drunk driving after a recent fatal accident in Austin.

Rare condition used to refute presumption of intoxication in Texas DWI case

One of the important tools police officers have at their disposal in the investigation of drunken driving is the use of breath testing. Breath testing comes in two basic forms: first, there is roadside testing on small breathalyzer devices; and second, there is the official breath testing conducted after a suspect is arrested and brought down to a precinct.

Is a police officer able to force a chemical test on a DWI suspect? P.1

Drunk driving is always a problem, but it is certainly a heightened concern during the holiday season. Law enforcement agencies are well aware of this, and utilize a variety of strategies to identify drunk drivers and get them off the road. One of the challenges for law enforcement is obtaining clear evidence of intoxication.  

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