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December 2015 Archives

Texas police recruit resigns after DWI charge

It is easy to make a minor mistake while driving. A driver misjudges another car's speed and distance and accidentally pulls out in front of the car, for example. Instances such as this likely happen every single day on Texas roads and only occasionally result in an accident. However, a former police recruit now faces a DWI charge after police say he pulled into the path of another car.

Man faces drunk driving charge after fatal Texas accident

While there are stories of corrupt police officers that float occasionally through the media, the vast majority of police are committed to protecting the people that they serve. Unfortunately, their zeal to protect and serve could lead to actions based on assumptions not supported by evidence. As a result, some people could find themselves facing unwarranted criminal charges. One man will likely be questioning the evidence against him as he finds himself facing drunk driving accusations after a fatal Texas accident.

High court to take on issue left unanswered by 2013 drunk driving appeal

Although much of the law surrounding DWI enforcement is settled, there are certain issues that come up from time to time in the courts. Typically, the average person doesn’t hear too much about these issues until the U.S. Supreme Court comes down with a decision on some disputed issue.

Dealing with unfair, false allegations of domestic violence, P.2

In our last post, we began speaking about the importance of working with an experienced criminal defense attorney when one is faced with accusations of domestic violence. As we noted, the consequences of such allegations can be significant, particularly with respect to custody proceedings, and can have a negative impact even if charges end up being dropped.

Dealing with unfair, false allegations of domestic violence, P.1

Domestic violence is not a very popular subject to be on the defensive about. Most media coverage of domestic violence-related issues is told from the perspective of and with sympathy for victims, and there isn’t much talk about the issues from the perspective of the accused. The reality is that for those who have been accused of domestic violence, public opinion will almost certainly be against them.

Get experienced defense attorney involved early on in criminal case

When prosecutors decide to bring a case against a defendant, it is presumably because they believe they have sufficient evidence to obtain a conviction. When prosecutors choose not to prosecute, it is ordinarily because they believe they don’t have enough evidence. That’s pretty straightforward. Prosecutors do have some discretion, though, as far as when they do and do not bring charges.

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