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Defending yourself against charges involving synthetic drugs

Under Texas and federal law, various synthetic drugs are banned on the grounds that they are highly addictive and have no medically accepted use. These drugs, which include synthetic cannabinoids. These drugs can be not only addictive, but very dangerous for users and those who happen to be near them during a trip.

Because synthetic marijuana is easy to produce, doesn't cost a whole lot, and is often undetected in drug tests, it popularity has spread. Back in June, Texas lawmakers increased the number of synthetic drugs banned under state law, which was welcomed by law enforcement agencies and criminal prosecutors, who were unable to adequately address the spread of new synthetic drugs not previously banned. The new law takes effect this week, and law enforcement agencies are geared up to crack down. 

Those who face charges involving synthetic drugs are no different than anybody facing any other offense--they have the right to their time in court. In any case involving drug crimes, it is important to work with an experienced attorney who can help scrutinize the evidence presented by prosecutors and ensure that the defendant's rights are advocated.

With synthetic drugs, it is particularly important that prosecutors are held to their burden of demonstrating that the drug in question is actually illegal. Even when a defendant may have made a poor decision to use, sell or traffic a drug, he or she should not be convicted if the drug is not officially illegal. Although state law has widened the scope of illegal drugs, the chemical formulas of synthetic drugs are constantly changing, so strong criminal defense in these cases is always needed. 

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