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June 2015 Archives

Texas DWI penalties and ignition interlock law, P.1

A drunken driving conviction can come with a variety of consequences for an offender. In our last post, we mentioned that Texas manages to avoid the extremes in terms of strictness in dealing with DWI offenders. In this and our next post, we wanted to look a bit more closely at some of the specific aspects of Texas law that can impact drunk-driving offenders, particularly ignition interlock devices.

Texas avoids extremes in terms of strictness of DWI penalties

Readers are aware that each states handles drunk drivers a little differently, and are probably aware that some state are harder on drunk drivers than others. A recent report by WalletHub provides a survey of the way each state handles drunk driving, ranking each state according to how strictly it handles DWI offenders.

Young offenders need advocate to benefit from resources in juvenile justice system

The juvenile justice system is very different in nature than the criminal justice system, as anybody who works in the field can tell you. The primary approach in the criminal justice system is to punish offenders so as to deter criminal activity and to protect society from those who are dangerous or threatening.

When criminal charges impact immigration status

One of the important goals of criminal defense, arguably the central goal, is the effort to minimize the consequences of criminal charges. Depending on the circumstances of the case, this could mean working to have charges dismissed or to have the defendant acquitted, or it could simply mean attempting to reduce the charges or the sentence upon conviction.

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