Enforcement Of Child Support

In America, there are more than 13 million divorced parents with children under the age of 21. Typically, one of the parents has physical custody and relies on child support paid by the other parent. Each state has its own guidelines for establishing child support and ways to recover support when it hasn't been paid.

legal representation for child support

Consulting El Paso child support attorneys like those at the Rosales Law Firm who are experienced and knowledgeable in family law is important to help you in your case. They can help you understand child support rules and laws and apply them to your particular situation, whether it be determining custody or dealing with deadbeat dads or moms.

Parents seeking child support can benefit greatly from the involvement of experienced family law attorneys like those at the Rosales Law Firm. They understand Family Law and can help you obtain and enforce child support payments. They can also represent either parent in a child support modification proceeding or in proceedings to establish or disprove paternity. It is important to the Rosales Law Firm that both parents and children benefit when the appropriate amount of support is ordered and paid on behalf of the child who needs it.

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