A woman in Texas has been accused of taking over 30 pounds of heroin from Chicago to Mount Laurel where she delivered them to an accomplice. This might seem like it’s unlikely, but the woman admitted to taking part in this trafficking scheme.

The woman, 36, admitted to delivering the drugs to a buyer at a hotel on Fellowship Road. The exchange reportedly happened in July 2019, based on the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New Jersey. The Texan woman faces charges for the exchange because the buyer was working in cooperation with federal investigators. Once the drug deal was completed, the investigators stepped in to make an arrest.

Why transport and sell drugs? The woman from San Antonio told the officers that she would have been paid around $100,000 for her role in the delivery of the drugs. She went on to admit to the crime and pleaded guilty to conspiring to possess and distribute more than a kilogram of heroin.

What should you do if you’re accused of transporting or delivering drugs?

If you’re accused of drug crimes, you don’t have to admit to anything. Some people admit guilt even when they’re completely innocent because they somehow believe that this will aid their defense. The smart thing to do when you face charges is to speak with your attorney about the specific charges and what you should do to mitigate them. There are steps that investigators have to follow to catch people who are breaking the law, and if even one step was out of place, then you may have a strong defense against the allegations that have been made against you.