The idea of an uncontested divorce may seem far-fetched to those currently facing the potential end of their marriage. After all, you and your spouse have likely been struggling to relate to one another appropriately for some time and may have any number of issues that you currently don’t see eye-to-eye on regarding your family or your assets.

You might assume that given those discrepancies, the only option is for you to head to court and let a judge determine what is fair and reasonable. However, there is no reason for you to turn over your autonomy and financial control to a stranger.

Even if you currently can’t agree on anything, it may still be possible to work together to set terms for an uncontested divorce. There are certain professionals who can help you achieve that goal.

A family or co-parenting therapist can guide a healthy dissolution

When people think of marriage or couple’s counseling, they usually picture a couple trying desperately to save their relationship after years of growing apart or an affair. However, family therapy can benefit those who already know their marriage will definitely end.

Especially if there are children and a future of co-parenting ahead of the couple involved, counseling can be particularly beneficial. A therapist can discuss each of your concerns and help you better understand one another. They can also help you sort through your emotions so that you can calmly and rationally discuss the best way to go about ending your marriage.

Arbitrators and mediators can help you resolve conflict for a quick solution

If you don’t share children or if you simply can’t stomach the idea of rehashing your disagreements and issues once again, mediation or arbitration can be useful alternatives to a litigated divorce.

You can sit down with a neutral third party who will either help you try to find compromises or suggest what they believe to be a reasonable solution based on the unique circumstances your family currently has. Working with a professional and with your own individual attorneys can give you the support you need to set your own terms and successfully file for an uncontested divorce.