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Why a family care plan is so important for Texas military parents

As a service member of the U.S. military in Texas, who also happens to be a parent, you likely already understand how challenging it can be to juggle your military duties with your obligations and responsibilities at home. Nowadays, it's not uncommon for the same units to deploy two or more times, meaning you could wind up being separated from your children for a very long time on active duty.

Not receiving the child support owed you?

Many divorced couples in Texas have children who are still minors or in other ways still qualify for financial support from their parents. The sad truth of the matter is, though, many of them do not receive the funds they need. The support-paying parent either can't afford to pay or simply refuses to. If you are a custodial parent who is not receiving your court-ordered child support, you can do something about it.

Underage drinking and driving can compromise your future

Young people sometimes act recklessly, making decisions that could lead to legal trouble and other consequences. One of these mistakes could include drinking and driving. While underage drinking and driving is a mistake and a crime, it is not a decision that has to define the rest of your life.

Don't hold your breath waiting for accurate Breathalyzer results

As you drove home from your monthly night out with friends at your favorite local Texas restaurant, you never dreamed you'd wind up facing drunk driving charges in court. After all, you're a cautious, responsible driver and you only had a small glass of wine before dinner. You really didn't have any hesitation when it came to getting behind the wheel because you were highly confident your blood alcohol content level was well within the legal driving limit.

How does child custody work in Texas?

Getting a divorce with children involved can make the whole thing difficult to handle. The vast majority of parents just want to make sure that their children end up in the best environment possible in order for them to continue growing and developing mentally and physically. Your child custody arrangement could impact how you accomplish this goal.

Underage alcohol-related charges can bring grown-up penalties

Underage crimes can lead to serious repercussions, no matter the age of the defendant. One of the most common types of juvenile crimes is underage drinking or alcohol-related violations, which could have a significant impact on your future or that of your child. When facing these charges, building a strong defense is imperative.

What steps may go into a contested divorce?

For you and many other Texas residents, the inability to agree on various issues may have caused your marriage to spiral downward. Over time, you may have come to realize that the best course of action to end the constant disagreement would be to file for divorce. Though this route may allow you to escape the arguments and fighting that became synonymous with your marriage, new issues may arise during the proceedings.

Do per se DUI laws mean an automatic conviction?

Facing the possibility of punishment due to accusations of driving under the influence can cause anyone to feel a sense of panic. This type of situation may arise more easily than expected, and even if you do not feel impaired, police could still take you into custody depending on other circumstances of a traffic stop. If such a situation comes about, understanding certain aspects of the traffic stop could help you build a defense.

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