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What are the consequences for the accused?

Have you been accused or charged with a property crime? We all own property of some kind; mobile phones, computers, homes, vehicles, land, etc. and each and every one of us have rights when this property is damaged or goes missing. It's not just the one who owns the property that stands to lose a great deal in these cases, it's also the individuals accused of the crime that do as well. Even the mere accusation of a crime can have devastating consequences.

Property crimes are seldom cut and dry cases

Property crimes affect us all and can have far reaching consequences for all those involved. Victims of crime such as home invasion, robbery or vandalism are often left with a feeling of disbelief that it has happened to them and a fear of it happening again. They have likely worked very hard to provide a home for their families and have acquired many personal possessions along the way, many of which have sentimental value and are irreplaceable. This makes it difficult to ascertain value.

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