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Gender role expectations can lead to divorce

Gender roles and expectations around them can have unanticipated effects on the future of many Texas couples' marriages, research indicates. While many people start their marriages on equal footing with both partners committed to their careers as well as household management, other marriages are based on more traditional ideas of masculine and feminine gender roles. While either type of marriage can last over the long term, when roles shift and redefine themselves, couples can find themselves in tense situations.

When a parent infringes on the other parent's custodial rights

Although there are many Texas parents who do everything they can to work together following a divorce, there are some who disrupt the other parent's custody rights. Often referred to as custodial interference, this is a crime that can have serious consequences if a parent is convicted on charges, potentially even including jail time.

Why it may be important to plan ahead in case of divorce

Some couples in Texas who are getting married might not think that planning for divorce should be a part of those preparations. However, they could think about it as similar to taking safety precautions when getting into a vehicle. Planning ahead may help a person avoid being at a financial disadvantage later if a divorce happens.

Managing finances in a gray divorce

The divorce rate is rising for older couples. This is important because getting a divorce close to retirement may raise certain financial issues. However, there are several things that older spouses in Texas can do to protect themselves financially.

Tax code changes could have major impact on alimony

The financial aspects of a Texas divorce have always been some of the most intensely contested, from asset division to spousal support. Alimony payments are often a contentious issue in divorce negotiations and courtroom challenges. However, with changes in the tax bill passed in December 2017, divorcing couples may soon face an even more complex and changing system.

Arguments, personality flaws and other marriage myths

Some people in Texas might worry that they have personality flaws that will damage their marriage. However, it is a myth that flawed people cannot have successful marriages. All people are flawed, but it is how the couple deals with their flaws that is important. This is one of several myths that can be dangerous to a marriage.

Suggestions for negotiations in a divorce

El Paso couples who are getting a divorce might want to consider negotiating their settlement instead of going to court and having a judge decide. People can take steps to prepare that include organizing finances and understanding the legal situation. An attorney can be of assistance in the latter area.

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