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Property division in gray divorce cases

Divorce cases in Texas and around the country involving older couples are often quite amicable as potentially contentious issues like child custody and support are rarely a factor. Spouses who are 50 years of age or older sometimes seek quick divorces because they have grown tired of one another, but the desire to move on with their lives as rapidly as possible can sometimes leave them unprepared for hastily arranged property division discussions.

How money issues lead to divorce

Money is one of the common reasons why couples in Texas and throughout the country choose to get divorced. When couples have little or no savings, an emergency situation could send them into a panic. The increased tension in the relationship may then serve as a catalyst for divorce. By establishing an emergency fund, it can be easier to handle emergencies without having it lead to a conflict.

Getting a divorce can have an impact on retirement wealth

When Texas couples get divorced, the marital assets that they have spent years obtaining will be split. Furthermore, those assets, which often include financial assets, must now cover two full households instead of one single household. Depending on the ages of the individuals getting a divorce, splitting assets can have a major impact on how long those assets will last when it is time to retire.

Gender role expectations can lead to divorce

Gender roles and expectations around them can have unanticipated effects on the future of many Texas couples' marriages, research indicates. While many people start their marriages on equal footing with both partners committed to their careers as well as household management, other marriages are based on more traditional ideas of masculine and feminine gender roles. While either type of marriage can last over the long term, when roles shift and redefine themselves, couples can find themselves in tense situations.

When a parent infringes on the other parent's custodial rights

Although there are many Texas parents who do everything they can to work together following a divorce, there are some who disrupt the other parent's custody rights. Often referred to as custodial interference, this is a crime that can have serious consequences if a parent is convicted on charges, potentially even including jail time.

Why it may be important to plan ahead in case of divorce

Some couples in Texas who are getting married might not think that planning for divorce should be a part of those preparations. However, they could think about it as similar to taking safety precautions when getting into a vehicle. Planning ahead may help a person avoid being at a financial disadvantage later if a divorce happens.

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