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What causes divorce

Divorce is a common occurrence in Texas and the rest of the country. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 22 percent of couples will undergo a marital disruption event within five years of getting married. For couples that have been married for at least 20 years, the odds of their marriages being disrupted by death, separation or divorce rises to 53 percent. There are several indicators that influence whether a marriage will last.

Divorce less common among couples who met online

For people looking for love in Texas, online dating websites and apps could lead to successful marriages. A study published in 2013 recorded fewer breakups among couples who connected through online services. Online daters ended relationships at a rate of 5.9 percent whereas people who met in the real world broke up at a rate of 7.6 percent.

Situations that might lead to a divorce

Texas residents who are struggling with a decision about whether to get a divorce may be pushed to action if the other spouse has an addiction or is abusive. In the case of an addiction, the spouse might be unwilling to follow through with treatment. For example, the spouse may have been arrested several times for driving under the influence and agreed to go to treatment. However, after the spouse abandons treatment and relapses several time, the other party might decide to end the marriage.

Tax changes after divorces

When Texas couples are preparing to divorce, it is important for them to understand the changes that will happen with their taxes. They need to anticipate the fact that their financial situation could be significantly different as a result.

Why divorce rates are higher for bartenders and flight crews

The likelihood of going through a dissolution of marriage is higher for Texas couples employed in the nightlife, travel, entertainment, and aviation industries. According to an extensive data research study published by FlowingData.com, divorce rates are more prevalent across the United States for certain occupations such as bartenders, casino employees and flight attendants.

Importance of consistency for children after divorce

Divorce is hard on both parents and kids in Texas. When children are forced to adapt to living in two separate households, their lives can be made easier by parents who are willing to communicate and keep some level of consistency and predictability between each household. There are several things parents can do to make this happen.

Successful parenting with an uncooperative ex

Texas parents who are divorced might face a challenge of co-parenting with an uncooperative, or toxic, ex. They might ask themselves if it is possible to successfully co-parent with that type of ex-spouse. The answer to this is that there are certain things they can do to make the process of co-parenting with a toxic ex easier and smoother.

When divorce mediation sessions fail

In recent decades, family court divisions in Texas and across many other jurisdictions have adopted rules and policies that seek to lessen the caseload burden of having too many divorce proceedings on the docket. To this effect, judges often recommend mediation as an alternative to lengthy trials and uncomfortable divorce hearings.

Tackling common divorce financial challenges

Marriage offers an opportunity for Texas couples to blend their strengths, such as one partner taking on the financial planning role and the other focusing on home maintenance and child care. This benefit can prove costly in the case of a later divorce, and it traditionally ends up being women who suffer most. The partner who did not practice and improve financial skills over the years of marriage can be at a loss during property division negotiations and after the divorce.

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