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Social media cautions during divorce

When people in Texas are going through a divorce, they may want to take care with their social media usage. It can be tempting to many individuals to share or even overshare online, but people may find that their path to divorce is eased by protecting their privacy. Social media is a major part of modern life, but it can have a range of effects on a marriage or divorce. Indeed, some people even blame Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for their decision to divorce. While most conflicts over social media reflect other underlying issues, studies show that an increase in social media usage is correlated with an increase in marital dissatisfaction.

Most divorces do not involve a finding of fault. Still, it is important for people who want to get through their divorce negotiation process to ease the path. One way to do this is to tighten social media privacy settings, unfriend the spouse and get more distance from family and friends. Removing or hiding negative posts about one's spouse can help prevent further conflict. This may be particularly important if children are involved because public social media posts can be brought into court.

Divorcing couples with children may want to consider an agreement about social media posts as part of their parenting plan or divorce settlement. This would cover posting pictures of the children. In addition, divorcing parents may also want to consider what they post, especially if they have older children with their own social media accounts.

Social media is an important way for many people to express themselves and connect with friends. When going through a divorce, a family law attorney can provide detailed, personalized advice about how social media posts could have an effect on reaching a settlement on issues like child custody and property division.

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