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Researchers examine leading reasons for divorce

Texas couples who get a divorce might be more likely to do so because they have lost respect for one another or their communication has broken down than because of a behavioral issue like infidelity. This was one of the findings of a study that appeared in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy.

The study identified emotional fulfillment as being a key factor in marriage satisfaction, and researchers suggested that expectations of marriage had shifted so that people were more willing to leave a relationship that did not provide that fulfillment. Almost half of the 2,371 study participants said they divorced because there was no love in the marriage. Communication problems were also a significant factor, with 44% citing this as a major reason their marriage ended.

Some research finds that marriages may need mutual respect even more than love to survive, and a lack of respect or trust was the third most popular reason cited for divorce. Finally, in fourth place, people said that over time, their values or goals no longer aligned, and they found they had simply grown apart.

Fewer than one-third of participants, 29%, described their divorce as being high in conflict. Low or no-conflict divorces were more common, with 40% saying this had been their experience.

People need to protect their interests even in a low-conflict divorce, and an attorney may help a person do this. In a high-conflict divorce, the attorney might still be able to help with negotiating a settlement agreement instead of going to litigation, or the attorney could represent the client if it is necessary to go to court. To prepare for either of these situations, people should have a good understanding of their marital finances and a sense of what property they hope to keep in the divorce.

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