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August 2019 Archives

Texas prosecutors face hemp law dilemma

The cultivation of industrial hemp in Texas became legal in June 2019 when House Bill 1325 was signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott. Dozens of district and county attorneys reacted to the development by announcing that they would no longer prosecute minor marijuana possession cases. However, these prosecutors were not taking a stand about the moral implications of sending individuals to jail for behavior that is perfectly legal in several other states. Instead, they were saying that they will not pursue cases when guilt cannot be proved beyond any reasonable doubt.

Why you should take your theft charge seriously

If you are facing theft charges, you know that you are in a difficult legal situation, but you may not be aware of how serious your situation may actually be. You know you need to prepare a strong defense, but where should you start? One of the most helpful initial steps you can take is to learn more about the specific types of charges you are up against.

Famous White-Collar Crime Cases | From Gangsters to Actors and Television Stars

Many people might not even be familiar with what it means to engage in white-collar crime. These crimes are often committed by people or employees involved in fraud, bribery, Ponzi schemes, embezzlement, insider trading, cybercrime, intellectual property infringement, racketeering, and more. Some of these cases, however, have reached the public eye and made it to the forefront of the conversation due to the amount of money and the person involved. If you have been accused of any of these or similar crimes, finding an experienced attorney will ensure that you get the legal counsel and guidance necessary for these complex cases.

Researchers examine leading reasons for divorce

Texas couples who get a divorce might be more likely to do so because they have lost respect for one another or their communication has broken down than because of a behavioral issue like infidelity. This was one of the findings of a study that appeared in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy.

Advocates ask prosecutors to exclude racist police testimony

Criminal justice reform advocates in Texas and across the country are calling on district attorneys and prosecutors' offices to exclude more police from giving testimony in criminal cases. While juries and judges often give great weight to evidence presented by the police, there have been multiple cases of wrongful convictions involving false, inaccurate or deliberately misleading police testimony. In an effort to prevent further wrongful convictions, advocates have written letters to officials across the country urging them to expand the lists that they use to exclude police testimony that may be biased, corrupt or based on lies.

Social media cautions during divorce

When people in Texas are going through a divorce, they may want to take care with their social media usage. It can be tempting to many individuals to share or even overshare online, but people may find that their path to divorce is eased by protecting their privacy. Social media is a major part of modern life, but it can have a range of effects on a marriage or divorce. Indeed, some people even blame Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for their decision to divorce. While most conflicts over social media reflect other underlying issues, studies show that an increase in social media usage is correlated with an increase in marital dissatisfaction.

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