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July 2019 Archives

It's probably not a good idea to engage in field sobriety tests

When a police officer pulls you over, he or she may suspect you of drunk driving. Perhaps you had a drink on your way home and your breath smells like alcohol. Maybe you were weaving or forgot to use a turn signal. Regardless of the reason why the officer pulled you over, you now face a decision -- should you participate in field sobriety tests.

Reformers fighting court fines and fees that criminalize poverty

Coming into contact with the Texas criminal justice system could lead to long-term financial difficulty. Court fees and fines often impose burdensome debts that result in incarceration, probation and job loss. A group formed in 2016 called the Civil Rights Corps calls the practice of fining poor defendants for minor crimes or infractions "user-funded justice."

Considering a prenup when remarrying

Many people in Texas choose to marry for a second or third time after a divorce. Of course, financial issues are a significant contributor to marital problems and even separations. People may want to learn from their earlier mistakes when planning for a second marriage. At the same time, people want to form new romantic relationships: 40% of marriages involve people who have been married at least once in the past. In many cases, these are older couples who have also accumulated significant assets of their own over the years.

Risk assessment tools may be inherently flawed

Texas residents who have been taken into custody may find that their fates are determined by risk assessment tools. These tools are used by judges to determine if a person should be released on bail or held until further notice. A person's risk score is determined partially the crime that he or she is charged with and partially by demographic information. However, the process used to determine that score has been called racist by some.

Preparation can make a divorce easier to get through

The summer months are traditional spent enjoy the sun, grilling food and spending time with family. However, for Texas residents and others, the summer can also be a time during which they are more likely to get divorced. According to a study done by researchers at the University of Washington, August is one of the top months for couples to get divorced. Others say that September is also another busy month for couples looking to end their marriages.

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