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June 2019 Archives

Quarterback Kai Locksley faces DWI, other charges

The quarterback for the University of Texas El Paso, Kai Locksley, was taken into custody on June 9 after he allegedly shouted at a group of people and threatened to shoot them. A deputy saw him reversing his car and stopped him. Locklsey, who is the son of Maryland coach Mike Locksley, told the deputy he had a gun beside him.

Why do child support payment amounts vary from state to state?

When Texas parents split up, an aspect of the breakup includes negotiating child support. While there are federal guidelines for establishing the amount of support, each state is allowed to set up its own rules. In Texas, for example, courts do not take into account the custodial parent's income, so theoretically, this can lead to payments that are $100 higher than in other states.

What the law says about giving up phone passcodes

Texas residents may feel that their phones are private property that can't be searched by police. However, officers can get warrants demanding that citizens provide the passwords to their cellphones and access to the contents inside of the device. One man in Florida was held in contempt of court for failing to provide the password to his phone after authorities got a warrant compelling him to do so.

How the state can enforce a child support order

Single parents in Texas may find themselves struggling financially and unable to make ends meet. This is especially true when the child's other parent fails to follow through on child support obligations. Despite calls and requests, many parents find themselves frustrated in attempting to obtain payment to cover basic costs. These parents may turn to the state Office of the Attorney General to enforce a child support order against a non-paying parent.

Survey reveals racial disparities in criminal justice system

Racial disparities are a significant factor in how people in Texas and across the country encounter the criminal justice system. An individual's personal experiences tend to inform the level of trust or regard that they have for police departments, the court system or other agencies. According to one study, black Americans are much more likely to say that racial bias and discrimination is a serious problem in the American justice system. Indeed, a full 87% of black participants in the survey said that black defendants are treated less fairly.

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