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Tips for reducing conflict during a divorce

Some people in Texas might think of divorce as a process that inevitably involves conflict, but this does not have to be the case. Conflict in divorce can be resolved in a positive way, and being able to do so can make the divorce less stressful and lead to a healthier relationship between parents.

People can use the knowledge of their conflicts during the marriage and how each of them reacted to those conflicts to lessen their impact during the divorce. The same issues that people fought over during the marriage are likely to be the ones they fight about during the divorce. For example, a couple who fought over parenting issues while married is likely to do so during divorce as well. However, each person can anticipate how the other will react if there is a conflict and notice when the other person is becoming stressed. This can help them avoid fighting.

If it is too late to avoid an explosion, the other spouse still does not have to react. The mediator or the person's attorney can be pulled aside to help defuse the situation. The other spouse may want to practice taking calming breaths or take a break altogether before resuming negotiations. Making an effort to avoid engaging is usually the best practice in the long run.

People may want to discuss the possibility of conflict with an attorney before going into negotiations. They may be able to plan a strategy for dealing with it. It might also help to have a plan regarding property division and child custody. The person should go into negotiations with a sense of what elements they might be willing to compromise on and which ones they are not. Flexibility is important, but people should also make sure that they protect themselves financially.

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