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Expunction of Criminal Record: Am I Eligible to Have My Criminal Record Expunged?


Texas' Laws on Expungement

In Texas, certain records may be eligible for expunction. The State recognizes the following records are candidates:

  • Arrest for a crime that was NEVER charged

  • A criminal charge that was DISMISSED

  • Conviction of a minor alcohol offense (for certain convictions)

  • A conviction for the 'Failure to Attend School'

  • Identity theft in which the person arrested used another individual's identity at the time of arrest, charge, or conviction

  • A conviction for a crime that was ACQUITTED by the trial court or the Criminal Court of Appeals

  • A conviction for a crime that was later pardoned by the Governor of Texas as well as the President of the United States

Although this list includes those who may be eligible, obtaining an expunction will ultimately depend on other factors.

How to Apply for Expunction

Our law office will help guide you through the process of petitioning for an expunction once we have determined your eligibility. The assistance of an experienced attorney is your best option for a successful outcome.

We will file a 'Petition for Expunction', which will begin the legal proceedings. This paperwork requires meticulous attention to detail. Any errors could result in unfavorable results, which could make your situation worse. We advise you to seek the help of our attorneys, who will be there to help file the petition and guide you through the entire legal process.

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No person is perfect. Having your conviction expunged can provide you with that fresh start you need to go on with life. For those who deserve second chances, expunction is your best option.

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