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January 2019 Archives

Per se laws in Texas

Like every state in the country, Texas has a problem with alcohol-related accidents resulting in injury and death. Efforts to discourage drivers from getting behind the wheel after drinking include strict laws and heavy penalties, including high fines, mandatory jail time and license suspension.

How parents can negotiate a custody and visitation schedule

Parents in Texas who are getting divorced must plan a child custody schedule. If they are unable to agree on a schedule, they might have to go to litigation. However, the disadvantage here is that a parent might end up with less time with the child than was offered during negotiations.

Texas authorities arrest man and seize cocaine, vehicles and cash

The sheriff in Webb County praised the members of the local narcotics unit after a traffic stop led to the seizure of nearly 10 kilograms of a substance believed to be cocaine. Officers pulled over a vehicle on Loop 20 and discovered that a 41-year-old man was carrying roughly 2 ounces of the substance. Law enforcement did not provide details about the reason for the initial traffic stop.

Withholding visitation could end up punishing the child

It can be difficult when one parent doesn't make child support payments on time. If there's enough anger and resentment, then the custodial parent could feel like withholding visitation from the late payor. However, this decision might put the custodial parent in a negative light if the exes go to a Texas court about the child support payments or visitation in the future.

Texas woman accused of forgery and drug possession

Suspicions over the authenticity of a $50 bill led to forgery and drug possession charges for a 32-year-old Texas woman, according to a report from the Henderson County Sheriff's Office. The woman was taken into custody near Chandler just after midnight on Jan. 6 and transported to a local detention facility. Her bond has been set at $4,000.

How divorce can affect retirement funds

When Texas couples decide to divorce, they may be especially concerned about the division of their retirement funds. After all, these accounts may be their largest assets, and they may take years to accumulate to their current form. According to a survey of divorce lawyers, retirement accounts are among the three most contentious issues for separating couples. The other top two issues are also financial in nature -- alimony and business division.

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