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December 2018 Archives

The steps that follow a DUI arrest

When Texas drivers get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they are likely not thinking that they will get pulled over, charged, or arrested. When they see the flashing lights of a police officer in their rear view mirror, they may wonder what will happen after they get their first DUI.

The flaws in police lineups

A criminal charge for a felony or violent crime can be a terrifying thing to face. A conviction that leads to a prison sentence may mean years of isolation, intimidation, fear for your safety, and separation from your family and all that is familiar to you. Perhaps the most upsetting factor is that a supposed eyewitness picked you out of a police lineup.

Eliminating or alleviating debt can save marriages

After communication breakdown and infidelity, financial issues are often cited as being among the main causes of marital strife. Many couples in Texas face financial challenges before they get married, and this often turns into a recipe for disaster after they tie the knot. Once spouses start getting into disputes about financial hardships related to debt, divorce could be around the corner.

Kinds of child support cases

Parents in Texas who have to receive or pay child support may find that how the payments are handled can be confusing. This is likely because there are four distinct kinds of child support cases. In order for parent to fully understand child support payments, they should be aware of what type of case they have.

How do I handle this military divorce?

Divorce is rarely easy, but for military families in Texas, the process can be even more difficult. As an active duty service member, you understand that your obligations to the military may play a role in the divorce proceedings, affecting the outcome of everything from asset division to child custody. However, these effects do not have to be negative ones.

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