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Seek a Qualified Attorney for a Probation Violation Hearing

Breaking the terms of your probation can cause dire consequences. Depending on the probation violation, you could end up with jail time, prison time, fines, extended probation or more. Seeking the counsel and representation of a lawyer may help you when you have to appear in court. There are a number of ways a qualified attorney can help your situation. The last thing you want to do is appear in court alone.

Bail decisions and racial bias in the courtroom

In Texas and across the country, black defendants may be at a disadvantage when seeking bail in criminal cases, especially if the results of a recent study can be generalized nationally. One study conducted in Miami and Philadelphia showed that both white and black bail judges showed bias against black defendants when setting bail in these cases. According to the study, conducted by researchers from Princeton and Harvard, black defendants were more likely to be detained awaiting hearings or trial than white defendants by 2.4 percentage points.

How money issues lead to divorce

Money is one of the common reasons why couples in Texas and throughout the country choose to get divorced. When couples have little or no savings, an emergency situation could send them into a panic. The increased tension in the relationship may then serve as a catalyst for divorce. By establishing an emergency fund, it can be easier to handle emergencies without having it lead to a conflict.

What evidence may be gathered during a DWI stop?

In any criminal case, evidence plays a major role in whether a person could potentially face a conviction for charges. As a result, the evidence can also help you determine your best routes for creating a criminal defense against charges that brought against you. Even if you feel the allegations pertain to a relatively minor offense, like misdemeanor DWI, you should still take your situation seriously.

Dealers and acquaintances being charged in fatal overdoses

Texas residents may be interested to learn that some states are beginning to prosecute individuals who are believed to be associated with a fatal overdose. These drug-induced homicide laws essentially put the blame for a person's fatal overdose on the drug dealer or even friends or acquaintances who might have provided the deceased person with the drugs.

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