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June 2018 Archives

Getting a divorce can have an impact on retirement wealth

When Texas couples get divorced, the marital assets that they have spent years obtaining will be split. Furthermore, those assets, which often include financial assets, must now cover two full households instead of one single household. Depending on the ages of the individuals getting a divorce, splitting assets can have a major impact on how long those assets will last when it is time to retire.

Texas Republican Party supports marijuana legalization

Four positions approved by delegates at the Republican Party of Texas convention deal with the decriminalization of marijuana. These platform planks, which were approved on June 16, follow an endorsement of marijuana legalization by the Democratic Party of New York in May.

FAQs About Discrimination Cases

Facing discrimination in the workplace is an awful experience on so many levels. From trying to prove your grounds to fighting your case, it can feel like an uphill battle. The best thing you can do for yourself and future employees is turn to a discrimination lawyer. A lawyer will help you understand your rights, provide excellent representation, and help you prove your case. We have a few FAQs listed here to help you understand more about filing a discrimination case.

What happens when the other parent tricks the system?

Many Texas custodial parents depend on child support payments to meet the needs of their children. However, with almost half of parents nationwide receiving partial or no child support payments, many parents find themselves struggling to meet those needs. In some cases, the partial or non-existent payments are a result of voluntary impoverishment.

Are child support and custody orders set in stone?

While going through the divorce process, you accepted terms regarding your children and financial support for them that you thought were reasonable at the time. Well, time has passed and now you feel that your child support and custody terms are not working out as well as you thought they would. Are support and custody orders set in stone or do Texas laws allow for order modifications?

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