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May 2018 Archives

Statistics highlight child support across the country

Child support can be essential to single parents in Texas given the expense of raising one or more children. While many people think that child support payments are often large or excessive, the reality is far different for the majority of parents. While some high-profile celebrity cases may garner a great deal of attention, child support payments are governed by a state schedule that reflects the income and lifestyle of the parents.

Threat of wrongful conviction looms large for criminal defendants

Wrongful convictions may be high on a person's mind when they are charged with a crime in Texas. While many people grow up with a belief in the fairness of the criminal justice system, that belief can be easily challenged through firsthand experience or by learning about some of the prominent cases of wrongful conviction that have taken place. Some exonerations make major news, especially when DNA is used to show that a person convicted years ago of a serious crime like rape or murder is actually innocent. However, most wrongful convictions to not attract the level of attention given to these key cases.

How to Combat Age Discrimination in the Workforce

It unfortunate that age discrimination in the workplace is a real thing. According to AARP, two out of three employees between 45 and 74 have experienced it. Job seekers over 35 say their age is the biggest obstacle to finding a job. AARP also says that tech driven industries have even higher instances of age discrimination. If you or a loved one has experienced trouble at work due to age, an employment lawyer can help you fight for your rights.

Gender role expectations can lead to divorce

Gender roles and expectations around them can have unanticipated effects on the future of many Texas couples' marriages, research indicates. While many people start their marriages on equal footing with both partners committed to their careers as well as household management, other marriages are based on more traditional ideas of masculine and feminine gender roles. While either type of marriage can last over the long term, when roles shift and redefine themselves, couples can find themselves in tense situations.

Are child custody and support orders permanent?

You just wanted to get through your divorce as fast as possible, who wouldn't? So, you agreed to child custody and support orders that, at the time, you felt were okay. Now, months or years after the dust has settled, you feel that your custody arrangement is just not working and you are struggling to meet your support obligation and provide for yourself, or you feel that if given a custody change you shouldn't have to pay as much. What can you do?

Texas man facing 20 years in prison on felony drug charges

A 41-year-old Texas man faces up to 20 years in prison after being taken into custody on felony drug possession charges on the afternoon of May 5. An officer with the Pinehurst Police Department is said to have apprehended the man on an outstanding warrant after responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle. Reports indicate that he is being held at an area detention facility and his bond has been set at $25,000.

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