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Things divorced parents should do and avoid

Parents in Texas who get a divorce can do a number of things to help their children through the process and the aftermath. They should make sure their children do not believe the divorce is their fault. They should also encourage the children's relationship with the other parent.

They should keep an eye on their children for any signs of anxiety or depression. In some children, this may manifest as acting out. Parents might want to talk to teachers or their children's friends about how they are doing. They should encourage children to carry on with their lives and give them healthy distractions. It is also important for parents to work out a functional co-parenting plan.

There are also a number of things that parents should not do. For example, if they are in disagreement on any co-parenting issues, they should not share this information with their children since children may use it to manipulate them. Parents should also not overshare with their children, try to convince them of who was right in the divorce or lean on their children for emotional support. Children should not be used to relay messages between parents or to inform one parent about what the other parent is doing. Parents should avoid getting into arguments in front of children during pickups and drop offs or other meetings.

Some parents may want to consider mediation as a way to resolve custody and co-parenting issues. Mediation focuses on reaching cooperative solutions, so parents might be able to anticipate and include in their parenting plan strategies for resolving conflicts that might arise. For example, a parenting plan may address who is responsible for paying for and getting children to certain extracurricular activities. It might also cover household rules such as when a child's bedtime should be.

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