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March 2018 Archives

Federal child support office augments its operations

One of the few federal agencies that has actually improved its operations and processes during the administration of President Donald Trump is the United States Office of Child Support Enforcement. This agency has been actively reaching out to payroll and human resources professionals in Texas so that they are aware of the new measures to improve and streamline the child support enforcement process.

When a parent infringes on the other parent's custodial rights

Although there are many Texas parents who do everything they can to work together following a divorce, there are some who disrupt the other parent's custody rights. Often referred to as custodial interference, this is a crime that can have serious consequences if a parent is convicted on charges, potentially even including jail time.

Exonerations continue in Texas after false drug convictions

Texas led the nation in the number of exonerations of criminal defendants in 2017 with 23 people exonerated across the state following the exposure of wrongful criminal convictions. While the number of exonerations dropped across the country in 2017, Texas continued to lead, particularly due to the exoneration of drug defendants in Harris County. Over the previous several years, the county saw a number of criminal exonerations after testing years later showed that the convicted defendants were actually innocent.

Why a family care plan is so important for Texas military parents

As a service member of the U.S. military in Texas, who also happens to be a parent, you likely already understand how challenging it can be to juggle your military duties with your obligations and responsibilities at home. Nowadays, it's not uncommon for the same units to deploy two or more times, meaning you could wind up being separated from your children for a very long time on active duty.

Why it may be important to plan ahead in case of divorce

Some couples in Texas who are getting married might not think that planning for divorce should be a part of those preparations. However, they could think about it as similar to taking safety precautions when getting into a vehicle. Planning ahead may help a person avoid being at a financial disadvantage later if a divorce happens.

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