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February 2018 Archives

Managing finances in a gray divorce

The divorce rate is rising for older couples. This is important because getting a divorce close to retirement may raise certain financial issues. However, there are several things that older spouses in Texas can do to protect themselves financially.

Child support fund may help parents and children

The 1995 Family Support Act required Texas and other states to create their own child support collection and enforcement system. However, a new proposal would see the creation of a federal program called the Child Support Technology Fund. The White House and the Department of Health and Human Services have requested $63 million for this effort for fiscal year 2019. If approved, it would allow the HHS to develop an IT system that can be used to track payments at the state level.

Texas traffic stop arrests target marijuana distribution

The Texas Department of Public Safety has been pursuing a program of aggressive traffic stops, seizing over 269 pounds in cannabis in one week in Oldham County. The traffic stops began on Feb. 6, when one state trooper stopped a vehicle for an unnamed traffic violation as it traveled on Interstate 40 near the city of Vega. Authorities discovered 123 pounds of marijuana inside the vehicle. That amount of cannabis has a value of around $746,000.

Teens and Designer Drugs: A Criminal Defense Attorney Weighs In

While you may not be familiar with the phrase "designer drug," you've probably heard of drugs like ecstasy and rohypnol-both of which are common examples of designer drugs. Essentially, a designer drug has similar chemical and physical qualities to another controlled substance and is designed to mimic the effects of that controlled substance. A big factor that differentiates designer drugs from other drugs like marijuana is that, because of their similarity to common pharmaceuticals, they aren't often detected during drug testing.

Not receiving the child support owed you?

Many divorced couples in Texas have children who are still minors or in other ways still qualify for financial support from their parents. The sad truth of the matter is, though, many of them do not receive the funds they need. The support-paying parent either can't afford to pay or simply refuses to. If you are a custodial parent who is not receiving your court-ordered child support, you can do something about it.

Tax code changes could have major impact on alimony

The financial aspects of a Texas divorce have always been some of the most intensely contested, from asset division to spousal support. Alimony payments are often a contentious issue in divorce negotiations and courtroom challenges. However, with changes in the tax bill passed in December 2017, divorcing couples may soon face an even more complex and changing system.

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