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Man faces multiple charges in drug case

According to Texas police, a traffic stop resulted in the discovery of several illegal substances in the vehicle of a 25-year-old man. The traffic stop occurred because police observed the vehicle being driven in an erratic manner. Authorities say that they found promethazine and Xanax pills when they searched the vehicle, and marijuana was in plain sight when police made contact with the driver.

It is estimated that the promethazine was worth $15,000 and that it was to be used to make a drink referred to as "lean" or "purple drank". To create the drink, elements of cough syrup such as codeine are mixed with candy or soda. The man was charged with multiple counts of manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance in addition to multiple counts of being in possession of marijuana.

An individual who is charged with these types of drug crimes may face several years in prison if a conviction is obtained. Probation or community service may also be made part of a sentence. However, defendants might want to meet with criminal defense attorneys and learn how to try to counter the charges. For instance, it may be possible to assert that an individual charged with drug possession unknowingly possessed a controlled substance.

It may also be possible to assert that pills found on an individual were prescribed to that person and used as directed. If successful, a defendant may have charges dropped or reduced before or during a trial. It may also be possible to win an acquittal if an attorney is able to cast doubt on the case against a defendant.

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