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December 2017 Archives

Texas county starts diversion class for marijuana offenders

Although Texas is not among the states that have legalized marijuana, the Travis County Commissioners Court has recognized the need to limit jail penalties for low-risk marijuana offenders. All members of the court approved the creation of a drug diversion class for people charged with possessing no more than 2 ounces of marijuana.

How parents can recognize and address parental alienation

Most divorced parents in Texas will not initially think anything is amiss if the other parent wants to rearrange a custody visit. The ex might say that the child needs to study or is sick. In extreme cases, however, this may escalate to a point where visitation is never handled easily. Even worse, the child may become confrontational and repeat criticisms made by the other parent.

Man facing drug charges following traffic stop

On Dec. 6, Texas authorities reported that hundreds of doses of heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana were recovered following a traffic stop. Austin police said that they conducted a traffic stop on a 24-year-old man after he was supposedly observed driving recklessly across three lanes of traffic.

Don't hold your breath waiting for accurate Breathalyzer results

As you drove home from your monthly night out with friends at your favorite local Texas restaurant, you never dreamed you'd wind up facing drunk driving charges in court. After all, you're a cautious, responsible driver and you only had a small glass of wine before dinner. You really didn't have any hesitation when it came to getting behind the wheel because you were highly confident your blood alcohol content level was well within the legal driving limit.

Assembling a supportive team during divorce

Assembling the right professional and personal team can be important for people in Texas who are going through a divorce. This team might include friends and family as well as a therapist who specializes in divorce. While these people may be able to help with the emotional side of the divorce, the spouse might also need some practical advice. That's where a financial adviser who has matrimonial experience comes in.

Supreme Court to hear case about cellphones and privacy

The Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments in a case that could have implications for Texas residents and other Americans. The question in the case is whether police can obtain location information collected by cellphones and stored by service providers. Carpenter v. United States involves criminals who stole smartphones from Radio Shack locations in Ohio and Michigan. After stealing the phones, they were then sold on the black market.

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