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November 2017 Archives

How debt is divided in a divorce

When an individual gets divorced in Texas or elsewhere, it may be necessary to split both assets and debts when the marriage ends. In most cases, an individual is responsible for debts incurred prior to marriage. However, state law generally determines how debts accrued during a marriage are divided in a divorce settlement. As Texas is a community property state, joint debts are generally divided 50/50 regardless of who is on the loan.

How does child custody work in Texas?

Getting a divorce with children involved can make the whole thing difficult to handle. The vast majority of parents just want to make sure that their children end up in the best environment possible in order for them to continue growing and developing mentally and physically. Your child custody arrangement could impact how you accomplish this goal.

What causes divorce

Divorce is a common occurrence in Texas and the rest of the country. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 22 percent of couples will undergo a marital disruption event within five years of getting married. For couples that have been married for at least 20 years, the odds of their marriages being disrupted by death, separation or divorce rises to 53 percent. There are several indicators that influence whether a marriage will last.

Study reveals that prosecutors treat black defendants worse

There has long been a racial divide in Texas among people who are charged with crimes. Numerous studies have shown that blacks are arrested and charged with crimes disproportionately over whites even though both races have an equal likelihood of engaging in criminal conduct. A new study shows that institutional racism also extends into the justice system, affecting plea offers, sentences and bonds.

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