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Why divorce rates are higher for bartenders and flight crews

The likelihood of going through a dissolution of marriage is higher for Texas couples employed in the nightlife, travel, entertainment, and aviation industries. According to an extensive data research study published by, divorce rates are more prevalent across the United States for certain occupations such as bartenders, casino employees and flight attendants.

Before jumping to stereotypical conclusions about the nature of jobs that involve travel and nightlife, it is important to consider other aspects of the longitudinal study, particularly with regard to the financial situations of couples. To this effect, it is easier to understand the data presented insofar as couples who enjoy higher, steady incomes, such as actuaries, physicians, architects and engineers are less likely to get divorced.

The financial challenges faced by bartenders and casino workers are understandable since these two occupations are known to be prone to high turnover rates. On the other end of the divorce spectrum, occupations in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields are in high demand; thereby, these spouses have greater job stability and handsome salaries that dissipate financial stress.

Setting aside the interesting statistics by, the bottom line of divorce is that it is filled with emotional stress for all spouses no matter what their occupation might be. The end of a marriage is a tough experience for bartenders and data scientists alike. For this reason, spouses should retain the services of a family law attorney that can attempt to negotiate a comprehensive settlement agreement covering property division, child custody and support, and the other applicable issues.

Source: Inverse, "New Study Reveals Bartenders, Casino Workers Most Likely to Get Divorced", Emily Gaudette, Sept. 5, 2017

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