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What steps may go into a contested divorce?

For you and many other Texas residents, the inability to agree on various issues may have caused your marriage to spiral downward. Over time, you may have come to realize that the best course of action to end the constant disagreement would be to file for divorce. Though this route may allow you to escape the arguments and fighting that became synonymous with your marriage, new issues may arise during the proceedings.

If you did not have the ability to make agreeable decisions during your marriage, a high possibility exists that you and your spouse may not see eye-to-eye on divorce issues either. As a result, you will likely go through a contested divorce that could need time and court proceedings to effectively complete.

Gaining information

When going through a contested divorce, having the right information could make the process at least somewhat easier. During your legal proceedings, a discovery period will take place that will allow you and your spouse to exchange information regarding marital assets, financial matters, custody issues and similar topics. You can request documents and ask questions relevant to your case in order to obtain the information you seek.

Attempting to settle

Though you may go through a contested divorce, you could still have the chance to come to a settlement with your ex-spouse in order to avoid court orders. If you do not have the ability to come to terms on your own, mediation may act as a viable option in order for you both to work together with unbiased assistance from a mediator. Of course, this option does not work for everyone, and you may still find yourselves unable to reach a settlement agreement.

Going to trial

Due to the inability to reach an agreement, your case will then likely go to trial. During this part of the process, you and your ex have the opportunity to present your sides and arguments as to why you believe the outcomes your desire have merit. After your presentations, the judge will rule on the outcomes of your settlement. This part of the process could take a considerable amount of time, but the exact duration will depend on the specifics of your case.

If you do not agree with the decisions made by the judge, you could file post-trial motions in hopes of achieving a different outcome. Due to the various steps involved in a contested divorce, you may want to gain more information from local legal resources to better understand what you could face when ending your marriage.

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