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The complexities of minors and sexting

Sexting is becoming a familiar term. Unfortunately for parents and children alike, it is also becoming a familiar occurrence. When a text message of a sexual nature is sent from one person to another, it is considered sexting. Sexting often extends beyond suggestive comments, racy responses and requests to the cellular transmission of explicit pictures, often of the sender and usually taken as a "selfie" or a self-shot photo involving no one else in the shot.

There are laws against using cell phones to transmit this sort of communication, particularly when it comes to the involvement of minors. What becomes a gray area is when both the sender and recipient are minors or one is a minor and the other is slightly older.

For example, if a 17-year old senior begins texting his girlfriend who is not yet 17 and the communication goes from flirtatious to sexual and the girl sends her boyfriend a sexually explicit selfie, the boy could face charges. This hardly seems fair and while the behavior is inappropriate, being charged as an adult and labeled as a sex offender has the potential to destroy the child's life.

If your child has been caught after involvement in acts of sexting and is facing charges because of it, you want to protect him or her from the potential fallout and even media attention. The El Paso-based Rosales Law Firm has trial attorneys who make a point of staying current on the continually changing legalities around cellular phone use and sexual offenses. They can provide crucial advice on what to do next. And what you do next could drastically affect the quality of life your child has from here on out.

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