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Property crimes can include numerous offenses

Property crimes can involve everything from petty theft when the property that was stolen has a lower value or grand theft when the value is higher than $500. Property crimes can also involve fraud or what are considered to be white collar crimes such as embezzlement. Regardless of the crime, there can be very serious consequences. In the state of Texas, a theft charge conviction can result in jail time and expensive fines.

In addition to the legal penalties you may face from being convicted of theft charges, there can also be other, far-reaching consequences, such as damage to your reputation, a permanent criminal record, negative impact on future employment, and life-changing emotional damage and damage to relationships. Important to know is that when you are arrested, you have specific rights. One right that we all share is the right not to speak to anyone, such as the policeĀ until you've had an opportunity to consult with a defense attorney. It is in your best interests to take full advantage of this right.

Seeking legal counsel as quickly as possible following your arrest can only work to your advantage. An experienced defense attorney will educate you on your rights, and will work aggressively to ensure the best outcome for you. Prosecutors will pursue your charges aggressively, and it is crucial that they are met with an equally aggressive defense.

While it may be of no fault of your own, if you find yourself being charged with theft, ensure you are represented by a defense lawyer who understands the criminal justice system, so they can adequately defend you. Having a skilled attorney fight on your behalf can make all the difference in your future.

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