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What are the consequences for the accused?

Have you been accused or charged with a property crime? We all own property of some kind; mobile phones, computers, homes, vehicles, land, etc. and each and every one of us have rights when this property is damaged or goes missing. It's not just the one who owns the property that stands to lose a great deal in these cases, it's also the individuals accused of the crime that do as well. Even the mere accusation of a crime can have devastating consequences.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, FBI, the state of Texas saw over 200,000 property crimes committed in 2015 between January and June alone. As shocking as these statistics appear, there are laws pertaining to larceny - theft and there are serious consequences in place for anyone who breaks the laws set in place but there are also laws in place that protect those falsely accused and/or convicted of these crimes.

While every act involving intentionally destroying property or theft can have lasting affects for both the victim and the accused, the consequences for those accused can be much more far reaching than they are for someone who simply had an item stolen. A criminal record, for example, will make it difficult to secure future employment and therefore has the potential to affect entire families, not to mention the stigma attached to being a convicted felon.

Even if the alleged perpetrator did commit the offense, it may be a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, unintentional damage to property or other extenuating circumstances that find them in hot water. If you or someone you love has been accused of theft or is in the process of being charged with a property crime, it is important to take immediate action. Speaking with a lawyer before you even speak to police can mean the difference between a conviction and a positive resolution.

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