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Repeat, first-time offenders both have right to criminal defense

It is well known that when it comes to addressing the problem of drunken driving, one of the biggest challenges is with repeat offenders.  While most people who face DUI charges are able to learn from the experience and avoid involvement charges in the future, there are some who continue to offend even after paying severe penalties.

That is the case with a Texas man who killed an Arlington boy back in 2009, for which he was sentenced this week to 50 years in prison. The man has reportedly been convicted for intoxicated or impaired driving nine times. He could have ended up with a sentence of 99 years, since the judge handling the case took into consideration out-of-state convictions.

One of the pillars of criminal defense work is that every defendant, regardless of the circumstances of their case or their criminal history, has the right to their day in court. This is as true of the first-time DWI offender who drove in a state of slight impairment as it is of habitual drunk drivers with alcoholism.

The strategies used in building a solid defense case differ, of course, depending on a defendant's criminal history, the exact nature of the charges, and the circumstances of the case. In any case, though, it is important to carefully scrutinize the strength of the evidence and to ensure that prosecutors are fully supporting the charges they are pursuing. Working with an experienced defense attorney is always important, no matter what the charges, to ensure that one's rights are fully protected.

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