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Texas avoids extremes in terms of strictness of DWI penalties

Readers are aware that each states handles drunk drivers a little differently, and are probably aware that some state are harder on drunk drivers than others. A recent report by WalletHub provides a survey of the way each state handles drunk driving, ranking each state according to how strictly it handles DWI offenders.

According to the survey, Texas avoided the extremes and came in with New Hampshire at number 18 in terms of over ranking for strictness in dealing with drunken drivers. Texas came in at number 16 with respect to its criminal penalties rank and ranked at 29 in terms of measures aimed at preventing drunk driving. 

Specifically, Texas requires those charged with drunk driving to spend a minimum of 3 days in jail for a first offense, and a minimum of 30 days upon a second offense. A third offense is automatically a felony, meaning that an offender would spend at least one year in jail. These are the criminal penalties, but there also administrative penalties, which include a three month license suspension and vehicle impoundment. Ignition interlock use and alcohol abuse education is also a frequent consequence of drunk driving charges .

Texas may not be the strictest state in the nation in terms of drunk driving penalties, but it is still important for defendants to work with an experienced attorney to build the strongest case possible. The strategy used in drunk driving defense varies depending on the circumstances of the case. Whatever the specifics may be, though, working with an experienced attorney provides assurance that one will have the advocacy they need to build the strongest case possible. 

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